Grass-fed bone marrow butter
Grass-fed bone marrow butter

Grass-fed bone marrow butter

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When bone marrow is frozen still inside the bone, it’s hard to distinguish from the bone itself. But when roasted, the marrow melts like butter. It’s rich, nutty flavor is a delightful complement to grass-fed butter. When you combined these two delicious ingredients you have “bone marrow butter”. The mixture can be used in many cases like regular butter. Some Benefits include;

- Healthy polyunsaturated fats – Important for heart health.

- Vitamin K – Important for heart, bone, oral, and brain health.

- Phospholipids and methionine – Both are important for brain function.

Additionally, bone marrow is a significant source of the hormone adiponectin. This hormone helps keep the body and metabolism healthy. Specifically, it can help maintain insulin sensitivity and break down fat.

Ingredients: Grass-fed bone marrow, chives, garlic, grey sea salt.